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The granules are the source of the sparks, a proprietary mixture of Metal alloys, Zirconium and Titanium which feel like the composition of sand. A sand style format makes them very fire retardant, unlike powder based materials which can combust. The granules are supplied in 200 gram packets that will last up to 15 minutes at full height and full density. Each packet of granules includes an RFID Card that programmes a 25 minute run time and also identifies the granual type to the Sparkular machine.

Sparkular Granules Part No.: HC8200
Parameters: Zirconium and Titanium alloy, with 80% Zirconium and 20% Titanium Powder Mesh number: 80-100, Diameter: 180um to 250um
Weight: 200 gr/Pouch
Use Time: 15 minutes (at 100%)
Working Temperature: -20 degrees C to 70 degrees C
Packaging: 12 Packets with 12 Rfid cards per box

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